Who are the Guilty Parties?

There have been a number of articles about players who have mailed it in and are killing the mojo of this team. LA, Batum, Crawford, Wallace, Williams and Matthews have been singled out as not apparently being among the offending parties. Who does that leave? In Nate's shortened playing rotation I am having a hard time figuring out who the cancer actually is in this locker room. Is it just one player or multiple players? No names have been dropped in the media. Is it Felton? Has Camby become a problem? Kurt Thomas?
I am not seeing it... The main problem I do recognize is that I can no longer stomach Nate as coach of this team. I am beyond tired of his rotations, his crappy offensive sets, no defensive direction...etc., etc. The entire organization seems lost. Owner heavy handed running good GM's out...Tom Penn...etc. Also, how the hell does this teams medical staff miss on the degenerative conditions of Oden and BRoy's knees? Other teams apparently saw these problems. We have squandered so much and if some better decisions had been made we would be OKC right now...only better. It is so hard to cheer for this organization at the moment.