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Gameday Open Thread: Hornets vs. Blazers

Well, this game looks more important now. Tonight, the New Orleans Hornets visit Portland to play the Trail Blazers (7:10 tip-off). The Blazers held off the Hornets in The Big Easy, but home court advantage doesn't seem so helpful in Portland recently. Will the Blazers come out inspired tonight? Or even do just enough to win?

Injury Report: Guard Raymond Felton will return to the starting lineup on Monday night and forward Kurt Thomas is back from his concussion. Big man Chris Johnson has been moved to the inactive list.

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Listen: 750 AM The Game (Portland) | NBA Audio League Pass (Free)

The usual rules apply:

1. No swearing | 2. No pictures | 3. Be Nice!
4. Don't discuss unofficial game streaming, even when the game is on ESPN.

And, of course, have fun. Go Blazers! -- Tim