Eric Gordon!??!?

Hey guys longtime follower, usually everyone covers the topics I want to hear about so I never thought about posting til now. So....

Why is no one talking about trying to get Eric Gordon, he is one of the few potential superstars who might actually be available! New Orleans is not a great spot for him and he doesn't seem very motivated to play there given that he has been sidelined most of the season with a bone bruise. He also refused to sign an extension with the Hornets meaning I doubt he wants to be there long term considering they're a ways off from being contenders, and he will enter his prime soon. He is also what the Blazers need, I know there is a bunch of talk about point guards, but what Portland really needs is a potential superstar caliber player in the backcourt. Also Eric Gordon would be a great compliment to LMA. He can flat out score, he shoots the lights out, and doesn't need to have the ball in his hands all the time. Having Gordon in addition to LMA and Batum means Portland could make do with an average point guard.

I think Portland could put a reasonable package together by taking on Okafor or Kaman's contract (another player who would be a good fit) and giving up expiring contracts like Felton, Crawford, and giving up young pieces like Elliot Williams, a 2nd round pick, and letting the Hornets take a flyer on Oden. They would then have the cap space and young pieces to actually rebuild, and would also save 25 million next year by getting off the hook for Okafor's contract and letting Crawford and Felton walk. The Blazers would probably also have to give up Wallace to a team like the Nets (in their hopes of landing Howard) to send 1-2 first round picks to New Orleans in which case we could probably land Greivis Vasquez (another former Maryland product which Nate I guess is comfortable with).

So at the end of the Day Portland gets back a serviceable point, a potential superstar who would compliment LMA, and a center to replace Camby.

New Orleans would get picks for rebuilding, get a free pass at a healthy Oden (which Monty Williams would love), a potential quality shooting guard, and save 25 million next year without completely tanking their team this year.

Also here's an article on potential Eric Gordon trades

Sorry for being long winded GO Blazers!