Should Nate Be Fired?

Don't just vote give your reasoning in the comments. And tell us what you think the new couch should do differently? I say fire him. One reason i don't like him right now is i see us with a 16 point lead in a game and when we start giving up our lead he waits until we are only up by 8 or 6 before for he calls a time out. if you have a big lead in a game ( 16 or more points call a time out before the lead gets cut in half. Call it when your still up by ten so you guys dont loose there confidence and start to panic.

Another point i heard him say in time outs when we are down by 15 or so with less than two minutes left in the half yell at the guys and tell them they need to get the lead before half time. Its just not realistic and they don't believe in him. Give them goals they can believe in and they will work for it.