Who Cares?(W/Poll)

Who on the Trailblazers team actually cares anymore? It's a simple question and the answer decides whether the Trailblazers are in the playoffs or not. I want to highlight a few quotes I've read on Hoopshype that disgust me as a fan.

John Canzano: Veteran Blazers player tells me there are some in the locker room working against Nate McMillan. Twitter

Owner Paul Allen doesn't have a general manager. He's made summer sport of firing the guy in that seat. And I can't see Allen and his entourage sitting around, going, "We just didn't give Nate enough talent." Nope. That's not how the game works. McMillan is busting his chops, trying everything he can, but he's apparently being undermined, and in the end, if the Blazers miss the playoffs, he's toast. Oregonian

*More clips like this on Hoopshype, seeing as they're not on the post anymore.

As a fan this is the type of crap that ticks me off. If you're going to make millions of dollars you should be putting your heart into the game because you owe it to your coaches, management, fans, and to yourself.

So who do you actually cares? And who is trying to undermine the season? If it's incredibly obvious to the coaches and players then maybe it wouldn't be to hard to guess. My guesses below.

Gerald Wallace: It's been questioned whether he cares but I think he's a pissed as anyone that they're losing and although he's inconsistent he's a team player. Cares

LaMarcus Aldridge: His play has dropped since the All-Star break and I wouldn't be surprised if he starts to call out individual players. He's always been great buds with Nate and the face of the franchise, so I don't think he would try to bring this team down. Cares

Nicolas Batum: I feel like Nic might not be to thrilled about McMillan's comments about his defense this year and his inconsistent role on offense. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he was one of the players trying to get Nate fired. His play has been great since he began starting again though and has really shown some drive. Possibly/Unlikely Undermining

Joel Pryzbilla: Joel hasn't shown anything but heart since he has re-joined this team and I don't think there is any doubt he wants to win. Cares

Jamal Crawford: I think Crawford is frustrated about his changing position on this team and he has nobody to blame but his new teammates and Nate. He wants to win but he might not be supporting McMillan.

Raymond Felton: I think his play speaks for itself, not to mention not accepting any responsibility for failure. Definitely Undermining

Luke Babbitt: He's lucky he's still on the team but maybe he's upset with never get a real big shot. I don't think he has anything against McMillan though. Cares

Chris Johnson: He was expected to get more minutes coming into the season but I would be a little surprised if he was really upset. Cares

Wesley Matthews: He could be frustrated with losing his starting spot but I think Matthews has McMillan's back and cares about winning. Cares

Craig Smith: His drop off of playing time and diminished role probably mean he's frustrated. He's probably waiting for the season to end. Undermining

Nolan Smith: He's gotten praise and minutes from McMillan and has tried hard. I would be a little surprise if he was trying to sink this ship. Cares

Elliot Williams: Elliot seems to give it 110% everytime he's on the court and always thanks the coaches when talking to media. Cares

Kurt Thomas: He gives his body up for the team and shows some heart. I could see him being upset with McMillan's coaching but not more than he should be at his team's lack of energy. Cares

Marcus Camby: His play and minutes have fallen off a cliff. He seems to care more about not getting hurt than winning and his minutes have reflected that. I really think he's tired of McMillan. Possibly Undermining

I could very well be entirely incorrect but these are who I think are ruining all past expectations this year. Feel free of course to share below who you think is causing this.