Hear we are

Down by 13 with 4 minutes left, against division rival Minnesota, a team we've beat 16 times in a row. What's this? What's this?? Is that.....yes, it is.(facepalm) The crowd is chanting CHALUPA. --- Did ya'll really buy a ticket, then drive all the way to the Rose Garden, just to be happy you're gonna get a free, soggy, overstuffed taco? --- I'll tell you what, with all the fans sitting around playing with their cell phones, didn't anybody do the math and recognize that your team is getting wailed on? WAKE UP BLAZER FANS! --- That's right, I'm calling out the Portland fans. Not everyone of course, but the lazy fans who made more noise the entire game when there was free food from Taco Bell on the line, who's meat consists of 35% human. --- --- YOU'RE EATING PEOPLE!!