So frustrated!


Nothing ever seems to go well for the Blazers. The first Blazer game I ever watched was in 2000, against a Lakers team, in the playoffs, and I think there was a 7 associated with it. I've been through the Jail Blazers... Ruben and Shawn Kemp and ZBo... then the FrailBlazers which we just got out of but at least we were playoff contenders again... RIGHT?! So after 12 years of not making it out of the first round or even making the playoffs at all.. NOW i feel like I've had about enough.

Now I am so depressed watching this team, I know it's capable of so much more but is falling apart at the seams, I fear for terrible trades to take place soon. Steve Nash? Steve Nash is OLD. I don't care if he's good, there's nothing to come of it. I know that no A-lister wants to play in Portland and that really really ****** me off so much.

And what was up with this off-season? Raymond Felton? NO. Kurt Thomas? Oldest active player in the league. CHECK. Oh my gosh stop it! Jamal Crawford? Still deciding. Greg Oden never ceases to be a source of continued disappointment and false hope, nothing good will ever come of it. I don't care if we let him go. He'll probably sign with the Bobcats and become an All-Star, I don't care, he won't here because that's our luck. Brandon Roy, I miss him. Even with those knees that guy had heart. Aldridge is the only player that even seems to give a flying **** what the scoreboard says.

I'm so in a venting mood right now, just had to get that out there with my first post. I'm still bitter about that goaltending call and I feel like the NBA just Temple of Doom'd our hearts and then rubbed it in our face and the team has never recovered. (Home Record since then????)

~ A concerned fan who hopes for big changes before the deadline or in the off-season.