Atlanta shopping smith

At least, that is what we can read on ESPN. Atlanta needs to recover some flexibility and can't keep heavy contracts (since they are commited to jj for a while).

The question being what would it take to get both smith and hinrich (since he would be shoped with him most likely) ?

Smith could really be the enforcer this team needs at the wing, without hurting batum or lma's playtime (since all of them are versatile and we could switch them to exploit potential mismatches). We could use batum at the 2 and the 3, smith at the 3 and the 4, and LMA at the 4 and the 5.

Hinrich might be pretty so so right now, i think he is still a much better organizer than both felton & crawford. Better defensively as well. And anyway, he has an expiring contract.

Atlanta, according to ESPN, wants some expiring contracts and draft picks (as high as possible obviously).

Imo, landing both smith & hinrich would be much more rewarding than anything related to nash. The question mark being the expectations that Smith has (he should get about 13.2M next year according to Storyteller's website), especially in the middle term.

If it does not work out, the Blazers should really make a push to get Ilyasova since he is more than likely gone from Milwaukee.

It would not fix the backcourt though.