Barrett: Admitting To OKC "Envy"

Mike Barrett of with some honest thoughts concerning the Oklahoma City Thunder following the Portland Trail Blazers' loss on Tuesday night. ---------------------------------- Smooth and easy. That not only describes how OKC played on Tuesday, but describes the way nearly everything has gone for the Thunder since moving away from Seattle. The next time the team gets a bad break, or a key injury, it'll be the first time. They have no idea what adversity is, and should, I suppose, actually get a lot of credit for that. Their design, and path to where they are hasn't seen even one pothole. I'm quite certain their fans, who had the team dropped in their lap, think it's this way everywhere. This isn't bitterness, it's envy. It's a useless emotion, and probably a sign of weakness, but it does apply here. While the Blazers have found heartbreak, trouble, and bad news under every single overturned stone (some of their own doing, but a lot out of it out of their control), the Thunder have gracefully waltzed up to a championship window that's now wide open- likely for the foreseeable future. ---------------------------------- -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter