Berri: Questioning The Gerald Wallace Trade & Tearing It Down


Writing on, Dave Berri wonders whether the Portland Trail Blazers made the right moves in trading forward Gerald Wallace and center Marcus Camby, presenting numbers that question whether the "tear it down to rebuild" model is as successful as it might seem. ----------------------------------------- Wallace produced 9.9 wins last year, a mark that ranked 23rd in the league. And in four of the proceeding five seasons, Wallace had also ranked in the top 25 in wins. So Wallace is "excellent." But rather than keep "excellent," Portland has sent this player to New Jersey in the hope of finding someone who is "excellent." Now that might happen. But the draft is uncertain and it’s also quite possible the Blazers will find someone who won’t be "excellent." But if you are close – like the Blazers were – your best bet is to find one or two more players that will get you into the promise land. Based on the data, giving away one of your most productive players for the hope of something better is simply not a very good strategy. ----------------------------------------- Hat tip: Nathan Mathews on Facebook. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter