McCarney: Kaleb Canales' Journey

Dan McCarney of with a background profile on Kaleb Canales, the newly-appointed interim coach of the Portland Trail Blazers. --------------------------- In addition to becoming the NBA’s youngest head coach, the 33-year-old Canales is the first Mexican-American in league history to hold such a position. Not only has Canales achieved the seemingly unachievable, he did it more than a year before the deadline he set back in his teens, when he first aspired to become an NBA head coach by the time he was 35. ... "The entire community is proud of Kaleb," said Hector Noyola, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club of Laredo, where Canales was once named member of the year. "It’s the No. 1 sports story ever in Laredo. It’s a goal that few would think he could achieve, and he did it." --------------------------- ed: bumped to front page