Abbott: Blazers Acting GM Chad Buchanan Interview

Henry Abbott of interviews Portland Trail Blazers Acting GM Chad Buchanan on ESPN's NBA Today podcast. Here's Buchanan on his job status. ------------------------------------ "For me, it doesn't even venture into my thinking everyday. This is a very important time for us from a personnel and decision standpoint moving forward. I'm just trying to keep my eyes on that ball. If you start thinking about anything from a selfish standpoint, that's when bad decisions get made and your intentions and your heart are in the wrong place. [President] Larry [Miller] has been oustanding to me. He's been very upfront and honest with me from Day One. He's been very supportive of all the recommendations we've made from a decision standpoint. "At the end of this season, they'll take a look and see what candidates are out there. If I'm a candidate, great. If I'm not, I just want to hopefully remain with the organization and continue to support it and help it. his is my eighth year with the team. I have a lot of sweat and hours invested in this team. I want to see us make a deep playoff run eventually and compete for a championship.That's the most important thing to me. The title and role is not as important as being a part of the Portland Trail Blazers." ------------------------------------ Buchanan also said: "I would be disappointed if within the next four years if we're not a Western Conference Finals caliber team. I can't tell you what year we're going to get there, but I would be disappointed if in the next four years we're not competing to get there." -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter