If Nate is fired, who will be brought in to replace him?

Well, it is perhaps a bit early to start the Nate death watch, but with the way the team is playing lately, it seems almost a foregone conclusion that changes will be made. When a team is losing the head coach always takes the blame. I think after this next road trip, Nate will become a lame duck coach. If the move is made, as seems likely, who would you want to come in? There are definitely some attractive options. Whether any of these guys would actually come here given the Blazers uncertain front office and ownership situation is another matter. But here are some guys that I think have potential :

Larry Brown - he has a great track record as a coach, especially in turning around moribund teams. The downside is that he may not want to join another rebuilding project, and he seems to wear out his welcome and move to the next gig too quickly.

Jerry Sloan - his record speaks for itself. The question is would he want to join the Blazers revolving front office situation, and can his authoritarian style still fly with the modern NBA players?

Brian Shaw - long thought to have been Phil Jackson's heir, now an Indiana assistant. He is going to be a hot candidate after the season. A former player, and young enough to relate to current players. He is inexperienced as a head coach, but I think hiring him would be a bold move.

Mike Budenholzer - one of Gregg Popovich's trusted assistants. Career assistant coach though, lacks head coaching experience.

Armond Hill - has been an assistant to the Hawks and more recently Doc Rivers.

Sean Miller - head coach at Arizona. Lacks NBA experience, but I think that he is one college coach who can seamlessly transition to the NBA.

Terry Porter - former Blazer with lots of Portland connections. The downside is that he did not have a very good run as head coach previously.

Anyone else that people would think could come into the Rose Garden and turn things around?