Blazer appreciation thread.

I wanted to start a thread noting the strengths and positives of the Blazers, starting with the game against Miami. Thought it might be a welcome post to a few as it is to me to highlight some of the good things. Not saying the negative culture that all of us as Blazer fans are stuck in isn't justified, but that also doesn't discount actual positives that are going on and could be pieces to build on.

For starters welcome back Vanilla Guerrilla. Talk about a tone setter. Even with limited mobility he had an immediate impact on the painted area and the general attitude of the team. We all loved him before, and were probably happy to have him back, but I for one had no idea he would have an impact so soon.

And the under praised Felton. He was turning the corner in the second half on high pick and rolls, which resulted in some easy baskets for Aldridge and good looks on the perimeter. I was trying to think of the last time I remember watching the Blazers get easy looks and I couldn't. It was refreshing.

Williams challenged them at the basket. Nice to see someone with a natural instinct to challenge at the rim. It didn't work out, but on the break he was fouled before he got his shot blocked and it wasn't called. Should have been rewarded with free throws.

Matthews continues to compete. His mental toughness is a welcome relief at times.

Hope this thread continues.