McMillan Vs Adelman

Nate "look over your shoulder, my dear PG" McMillan will keep his team´s turnover numbers lower than Rick "I gave you the keys" Adelman´s. Advantage Nate.

Nate "The Signalman" McMmillan will give his team freedom to play his offensive sets, under his close look, for five or six minutes. Then he will get nervous and will start calling plays himself.

Rick "The Doorman & Porter" Adelman will let his PGs take decisions until they make a few mistakes. Then he will show them the door to the bench, so Terry can remind them about playing the right way before Rick get them back to court.

Advantage: Adelman.

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Nate "In Love With Veterans" McMillan is old school, and by old I mean if he ever were a teacher he would give lessons in an adult learning centre.

Rick "The Vet Loves His Puppies " Adelman has shown willingness to play his young players, with as much success as McMillan has had with his veterans.

Advantage: Even these days, Adelman for the future.

Nate "On the plan" McMillan will have his team leading the charge in the first half, as long as his players scrap and execute that plan with shooting accuracy.

Rick "On the fly" Adelman will make adjustments in the second half, both on his personal and on his tactics, trying to steal the game in the fourth.

Advantage: Adelman, because "No plan survives contact with the enemy" (Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke)

Nate "The Injured Horse Lone Rider" has been a master in the art of keeping that horse between him and the ground. With no significant injuries lately, now the horse looks like dead. Miller will tell you “It just so happens that this horse here is only mostly dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead.” At this point it doesn´t help to beat the dead horse, so I´ll let this go away with no further comment.

Rick "My Second Youth" Adelman and his Puppies are sharing their respective Fountain of Wisdom and Fountain of Youth, for the Wolves fans enjoyment.

Fan appreciation award goes to Adelman.

Nate "My Players Under The Bus" McMillan had to have a word on this roster making, right?

Rick "A Prize Not Too Far" Adelman landed on friendly ground.

McMillan gets the Most Disgruntled Players Coach Of The Year Award.

All in all, Nate "The Sargent" McMillan commands a divided and lost platoon of veteran vampire soldiers going down-hill, while Rick "The Wargs Lord" Adelman leads a harmonious pack of young but still inexperienced wolve-men going uphill.

There´s a place called Failure waiting at the foot of the hill, and a prize at the toop, and they are now meeting each other halfway. The clash is coming two times in few days, and it will have attached all the drama you can expect with such kind of creatures involved. Considering this schedule, I bet vampires and wolve-men split games, letting McMillan´s fate undecided. But if the Blazers lose both games they will casts Vampiric Drain on the whole Blazers fandom. They better don´t, because there won´t be blood in Oregon enough to satisfy Blazers fans´ thirst.