Aldridge: Introducing Kaleb Canales

David Aldridge of has a lengthy feature on new Portland Trail Blazers interim coach Kaleb Canales, including thoughts from former Blazers GMs Kevin Pritchard and Rich Cho as well as current Acting GM Chad Buchanan. ------------------------------- "He's just a bundle of positive energy," said Pritchard, now the Pacers' assistant GM. "When we were going through our hard times, he was there. He was happy. He was always saying, 'We're going to be all right.' And you can never have too much of that, especially when you're going through a rebuild. He's really positive, and it's not fake. He legitimately is positive every day. And the big thing was, it was consistent. There's not a fake bone in his body ... I have no doubt that they're going to play extremely hard, and they're going to play the right way for him." Canales spent those long, lonely hours of scouring tape learning about the league, about different styles, about players. He loved the things Gregg Popovich did with the Spurs and how consistent Jerry Sloan was with the Jazz. And he slept night after night at the training facility just outside of the city. Pritchard used to have contests with him to see who could get to work earliest, and it took months for Pritchard to figure out why he kept losing -- the kid never left the building. "Kaleb started from the bottom of the totem pole and worked his way up," Buchanan said. "He slept on the couch. He put all his clothes in the locker. We have a kitchen here, and he would say, 'Why would I ever have to leave? I've got my clothes, I've got a couch, I've got a place to eat. This is my life.' I would ask him, 'Are you ever gonna get a girlfriend, or a wife?' He said 'I do have a wife. Her name is Spaulding.'" ------------------------------- -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter