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Wojnarowski: Knicks Coach Mike D'Antoni Resigns, Mike Woodson To Step In As Interim

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According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports and now others, New York Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni has resigned, effective immediately.

Money quotes:

"It was a mutual decision to no longer coach the Knicks ... conflicting visions of the club's future," the source said


"Dolan is blaming the coach," said a source with knowledge of the Knicks' locker-room dynamics. "Tyson [Chandler], Baron [Davis], A'mare [Stoudemire] - guys who came to play for Mike - or that system - are pissed. [Jeremy] Lin isn't happy either."

Former Hawks head coach (and until today Knicks assistant) Mike Woodson will take over the team.

The Portland Trail Blazers travel to Madison Square Garden to face the Knicks on Wednesday night. How will this affect New York's performance, one wonders? Is this the "win the first game for the interim coach" rule enough to overcome the Knicks' losing streak?

Hat tip to Damdaman for getting this up early in the Fanposts. And they're talking about it big-time at PostingandToasting.

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