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Portland Trail Blazers vs Washington Wizards Video Preview

Game Time: 4:00 p.m. TV: CSNNW

The Portland Trail Blazers will try to avoid sinking their season this evening as they face the Washington Wizards. The Wizards, as you may recall, are awful...9-29 on the year. The Blazers, as you may recall, gave them their Best Win of the Season back on Valentine's Day, getting blown out in the Rose Garden after LaMarcus Aldridge turned his ankle. (Even then we saw inklings of how fragile this team could be, and not just in terms of talent.) The Wizards are 2-7 since, so things haven't improved much for them. The Blazers, meanwhile, have gone straight downhill and into the dumpster. Of all the games on this eternal road trip for the Blazers, this should be the most winnable. The fact that it's in doubt speaks volumes about Portland's current situation.

That's why we're doing an odd preview today. If you want the standard rundown of the opponent in preparation for the contest, you can read this one from last month. Not much has changed except the optimism about the Blazers ending up on the good side of the scoreboard. Or you could head over to BulletsForever. For our purposes, though, it seemed better to frame the game in Portland's context, talking a little about the state of the team: what's going on and whether the Blazers can turn it around. It's not rehearsed and polished, just a few minutes of reflections about this team right now from me to you.

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