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Congratulations Blazersedge! (At Least Somebody Is Overachieving This Season...)

As you may recall, we recently sold out all of the 600 tickets we had reserved for Blazersedge Night. Those tickets will go to send underprivileged students and their chaperons to the March 22nd game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Because of you, hundreds of kids will get to see that most cases their first, as they come from situations where a game ticket would be an extreme luxury. Attending a game in person is something "other" kids do. For that night they get to be those other kids. The Rose Garden and the team will be theirs.

But that's the old news. You may also recall that on the evening we sold the final tickets I put out a request that we were just a few short of our goal...15 tickets in fact. I asked if someone couldn't pick those up so we could announce we had done it!

After processing and organizing the tickets the Blazers got in touch with me today. And...oops. We went a little over, likely in response to that last request. So I'd like to announce to you that because of your generosity, 705 kids will attend the Grizzlies game on the 22nd courtesy of Blazersedge. Yeah. That's a "Wow!" moment for me too.

Thank you all so much, not just from us but on behalf of those kids. We'll be there that night and bring you the story. For now, lift another of your favorite drinks tonight and celebrate what we were able to do.

--Dave (