Trade Drawer: Respect these years

Trades for Rondo, Ellis, Curry and other A-List youngsters are highly unlikely given the expiring contract and rental pieces we are working with to move (Wallace, Felton, Camby). Especially if you are in the camp of elevating Batum's status to untouchable. From all indications it appears upper management has shifted their thinking in this direction.

Right now the teams in the market for Nash appears to be Portland, Orlando, and Dallas. Not sure what others are offering but I think a deal like this might be the best Phoenix can get:

Main pieces being NASH and HILL for WALLACE and FELTON. I threw in Babbit for fun but some variation of picks and or non-rotational players will sweeten up the end of this deal to get it done.

This is a variation of the idea Simmons proposed early in the season with the obvious substitution of Batum for Wallace.(

Experience wins in the NBA. RESPECT THESE YEARS!