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Blazers' Basketball Operations Department Seeks Computer Nerd For Database Victory

The Portland Trail Blazers' basketball operations department is seeking a computer programming nerd to help enhance its statistical analysis database.

Blazers' Basketball Analytics Manager Ben Falk writes in an email...

We are looking to hire someone to help us create web applications for use in coaching in scouting. This is some of what I do already but we want someone to be fully dedicated to it. The trick is finding talented people with the right skills who love basketball and know the league and would be thrilled to do this kind of work. I could imagine some of your readers would definitely be interested in this kind of thing.

The job ad reads...

"If you love basketball and love to program, we have a great opportunity for you: a job posting for a Basketball Applications Developer. This position entails creating internal applications for use by the coaching staff and management. A strong web-programming background is preferred. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

You can apply for the position here.

Pressed for further details, Falk pulled a Rich Cho and declined an interview, writing only...

I can't tell you too much, but the job is probably along the lines of what you'd guess: this person would be helping to build what we hope are the best analytical tools in the league.

So this is your chance to enter the super secret labyrinth of player evaluation and decision-making. The analytics work being done here is a key part of Portland's well-chronicled "eyes, ears and numbers" philosophy.

Despite his reticence, Falk is as smart, funny and nice of a person as you will find in the organization. He was recently credited by Blazers Acting GM Chad Buchanan for assisting in the evaluation of Blazers forward Craig "The Rhino" Smith and he's a veteran representative of the Blazers at MIT's annual Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. He would be a pretty awesome boss. If you're interested, give this job a look.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter