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Quick Recap: All-Star Saturday Night

For those arriving late, all the events are over! Here is all you really need to know:

Shooting Stars: This competition features an active player, a legend, and a WNBA player from a given city. Atlanta was included, and they chose Jerry Stackhouse. As their active player. Ouch.

Skills competition: This happened to John Wall:

Three Point Contest: Anthony Morrow gained the respect of every old-school Blazer fan:

Slam Dunk Contest: Jeremy Evans won a contest so bad, the NBA may need to kill the event again for a few years. The final dunk was from Derrick Williams, who repeatedly missed until he just dumped the ball in the hoop as time ran out. Evans showed his dominance by winning with 29% of the fan vote. SB Nation has some, uhh, highlights. And jokes.

Hopefully tomorrow is more entertaining, in a good way. -- Tim