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Acting GM Buchanan: No Blazers Currently Under Trade Consideration

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Rumors are floating of potential interest in Portland Trail Blazers guard Raymond Felton from the Los Angeles Lakers. Meru has posted a few of the details here in the FanShots. Daniel Buerge at has additional details here.

On Saturday, with less than three weeks to go before the Trade Deadline, Blazers Acting GM Chad Buchanan issued a fairly strong denial in response to an inquiry about Felton's status.

"All I would tell you is that we will continue to assess and evaluate our team and if there is a way to improve our team we will look into it. But at this time we have not considered doing anything with ANY of our players."

Emphasis was his.

The Blazers are reportedly expected to make a roster move in the near future by signing unrestricted free agent center Joel Przybilla, an addition that will require the release or trade of a player to open up a roster spot, as Portland currently has 15 players under contract.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter