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Blazersedge Night 2012: Clock Ticking 3...2...1... [UPDATE: WE DID IT! SOLD OUT!!!]

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen,

You may officially disregard everything after the jump. We have sold out Blazersedge Night 2012!!!

600 kids are going to the Rose Garden on March 22nd because of YOU and all your friends here.

I have been amazed this year at the generosity. We've never sent this many kids but the demand has been so steady that 600 seemed like the right number. I have never seen so many donations so quickly, nor so substantial. Many of you made sacrifices to send these kids and we are so appreciative. They will be too...just you wait!

We'll give you reports and stories that night, but for now, crack open a cold whatever you're having. (Dr. Pepper 10 for me!) We've done it.

Thank you all!!!

--Dave (

P.S. If you work with underprivileged kids we may have some extra tickets left from this evening's overrun. We're going to give away every one. E-mail me at if you'd like your kids to go.

Usually these announcements go up in the morning but I figured there might be some in the evening crew who could help.

For the last few weeks you've heard me talk about Blazersedge Night, the evening when we send kids who otherwise would never see a game to the Rose Garden to watch the Blazers play. This year Blazersedge Night is March 22nd against the Memphis Grizzlies. Our goal is to send 600 kids. You've heard stories from past participants, how much of a difference it makes to them and the adults who work with them. If you want to read more you can click here or here, for instance.

I'm happy to report that we are so close to having the 600 tickets in hand to say "YES!" to all of these kids. We're at 585, actually. We have a little cushion in numbers above 600 so if we get a few extra tickets that's fine...we can use them to send more kids. But we don't want to fall short, even by 15. Not with the demand we've had.

So here, one last time, I'm asking you to help if you haven't been able to. One ticket is $14. There's a $5 service fee if you purchase directly from the Blazers but you can always PayPal it through us if you want to avoid that. We don't need a billion tickets anymore, just a few people willing to step up with the cost of a dinner out for one person in order to make a kid smile from ear to ear and help create the next generation of Blazers fans.

If that's you, here's how to help:

If you want to buy tickets directly you can simply go to:

Then type in the password: Blazersedge

The Blazers have set up this site so you can order directly. Tickets are $14 each plus there's a $5 service charge for the entire order no matter how many tickets you buy. They accept all the usual online payment methods. Note that this only works for DONATED tickets. You cannot buy tickets for yourself this way. Also note that you need to click the WILL CALL option. That avoids all delivery confusion and fees. The tickets just stay with the Blazers and go to us.

If you want to give a non-standard amount (like $10 or $100) and/or want to avoid the service charge you may make a donation via PayPal to the account We'll compile the funds donated via PayPal into one lump sum and purchase tickets accordingly.

If you're having difficulty with one of the above methods or if you wish to purchase tickets for yourself to attend this event near our sections you can always call BLAKE at 503-963-3966. She will help you out.

These are the final seconds of the game. The clock is running down. Can we hit the shot and claim a win for Blazersedge Night 2012? Watch for the announcement when it happens!

--Dave (

P.S. If you know of kids in need who would like to go to this game or know somebody who works with such kids, we will still take requests. E-mail me at and put "Blazersedge Night" somewhere in the subject line.