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Gameday Open Thread: Blazers vs. Lakers

NEWS: Greg Oden is done for the year after undergoing Microfracture surgery today, the third of his career and second on his left knee.

Ben's transcript of Chad Buchanan's press conference

The original announcement

But now, let's distract ourselves with a nationally-televised game. The Portland Trail Blazers stop by the Staples Center to play the Los Angeles Lakers (7:45 tip-off, maybe). Much like the Blazers, the Lakers are having a rough season, and probably feel lucky to be playing .600 ball. However, they're a much better team at home. Assuming TNT doesn't preempt us, what are your expectations tonight?

Injury Report: All's quiet.

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TNT (Nationwide) | No streaming unless shows it
Listen: 750 AM The Game (Portland) | NBA Audio League Pass (Free)

The usual rules apply:

1. No swearing | 2. No pictures | 3. Be Nice!
4. Don't discuss unofficial game streaming, even when the game is on ESPN.

And, of course, have fun. Go Blazers! -- Tim