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Game 23 Preview: Portland Trail Blazers vs. Sacramento Kings

Game Time: 7:00 p.m. TV: CSNNW

The Blazers have played the Sacramento Kings twice this season, both times in Portland, both lopsided wins for the home team. This is the first time the Blazers will face the Kings on the road. That would be the major difference.

Other than that, you already know that this team can be dangerous but usually isn't. You know that DeMarcus Cousins is a threat and that their backcourt, while inconsistent, always causes a little worry. They're also on a five-game losing streak right now, most of those on the road, the last couple by narrow margins. That could be good or bad, depending on how you think the jinx runs.

Basically if the Blazers are serious they should win this game. If they're just kind of taking the season as it comes Sacramento could bite them.

If you want to know more than that, you can check out our preview from a couple weeks ago. Otherwise you can use this thread to talk about the game or unrealistic Sacramento-based trades or what have you. Enjoy the game!

You can read more about the Kings at Sactown Royalty.

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