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Trade Drawer Announcement, Trade Question, and Fanpost Reminder

The trade deadline is less than a month away and the Trail Blazers have made it apparent that they are not favorites to win an NBA title in 2011-12. That combination portends multiple upon multiple trade suggestion Fanposts. Each year as we hit this part of the season cycle we institute a Trade Drawer wherein speculative trade proposals can be suggested and discussed. We renew this every day or two so one is always visible in the sidebar on the front page. To be clear: this is a main page story so everyone will see it. From now on Trade Drawers will be in the Fanpost section.

Consider this the opening of trade season 2011-12 style and this the first Trade Drawer. Please don't post suggested trades elsewhere. Trade rumors with links to credible sources are fine to post outside the Trade Drawer.

Now...I got an e-mail today from Boston folks wanting to know if anybody would be interested in any members of their former Big Three: Garnett, Pierce, Allen. Obviously Rondo would be the hotter topic around here but he's not on the table. I worked through some scenarios, all of them implausible because of salary disparity. Giving up, I turn it over to you guys. Would you make any kind of trade for Boston's former stars?

Trade Machine

--Dave (

P.S. Browsing the sidebar lately I've noticed a few Fanposts that really didn't rise to the level of Fan-postable the way it's defined on Blazersedge. I do not want to encourage people with that silly, dismissive "this should be a Fanshot" commenting stuff. Please don't do that to fellow readers. If you have a legitimate objection to a Fanpost, flag it and let the mods know why.

However, as a general announcement, Fanposts should have a substantial topic which is treated with enough thought to encourage further discussion on a subject not being talked about elsewhere currently. Most of the Fanposts that have made me wince lacked criteria #2 and #3. People are Fanposting items which should be comments under ongoing discussions on the main page or another Fanpost.

If you're mad at Raymond Felton after a game and you want to criticize him in two sentences or suggest he be traded that's a comment in the Game Recap, not a separate Fanpost. If you have a specific trade in mind it goes in the Trade Drawer, not a separate Fanpost. The separate Fanpost comes in when you have a detailed take that brings us new food for thought and departs significantly from the discussion already happening.