Blazers Fan Proposes Marriage To Blazers Fan On The Basketball Jones

Back on Jan. 24, a young woman named Amber proposed to a young man named Jeremy on the Rose Garden jumbotron during a game between the Sacramento Kings and the Portland Trail Blazers. I wasn't sure that could ever be topped. It might have happened already. You be the judge. Blazers fan Maddison Bond, he of the incredible Luke Babbitt Chalupa Man drawing, among others, took to The Basketball Jones on Tuesday, Valentine's Day of course, to propose to his long-time girlfriend. Here's a link to the video. Fast-forward to the 17:30 mark. "This is a very special video for Amy on her birthday," Bond says into the camera. "I know this isn't the jumbotron at the Blazers game but this is Canadian cable television. I'm hoping this is a big enough spectacle for you and I'm hoping this turns out alright. But I've already asked the dogs and I already asked your dad, so now I'm going to ask you: Will you marry me?" Amy said, "yes." Incredible congratulations to both of them. A few weeks ago, Maddison and Amy let me know on Twitter that they had plans to attend Tuesday night's Wizards game at the Rose Garden for her birthday and I noted that no good birthday is complete without a free Chalupa coupon. OK, so an engagement is probably a little bit better. The best part is that the two aren't mutually exclusive. It's possible -- actually, likely -- that Amy walks home tonight with a future husband, a Blazers victory and a free beef-ish salmonella delivery package. It's all downhill from there. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter