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Gameday Open Thread: Blazers vs. Mavericks

This season never stops, does it? Today, the Portland Trail Blazers head to Dallas to play the defending NBA champion Mavericks (Early 5:40pm tip-off). Dirk and the Mavs are starting to play better, so if the Blazers want to win tonight, they can't play like they did last night. The Blazers have lost 20 of their last 25 games in Dallas, including the playoffs. Can they pull off the upset?

Injury Report: Nothing new for either team. Jason Kidd returned from injury last game. No word if Marcus Camby is improving from his bronchitis.

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Watch: Comcast Sportsnet (Portland) | Blazers live streaming | NBA League Pass (Nationwide).
Full warning: There will be no League Pass broadcast for the next 5 games after tonight!
Listen: 750 AM The Game (Portland) | NBA Audio League Pass (Free)

The usual rules apply:

1. No swearing | 2. No pictures | 3. Be Nice!
4. Don't discuss unofficial game streaming, even when the game is on NBA TV.

And, of course, have fun. Go Blazers! -- Tim