Abbott: LaMarcus Aldridge, All-Star?

Henry Abbott of talks about Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge's All-Star candidacy... ------------------------------ "The result is a top ten PER -- at the moment just behind Dwight Howard and ahead of Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Blake Griffin -- and a new round of calls that this man deserves to head to Orlando with those certain All-Stars." "Of course it's a big honor to make the game. But if I get that whole week off, I'm not going to be mad, because my body has been going through the fire. I always play a lot of minutes, and this season even more. If I got that time off I wouldn't even be mad." ------------------------------ As ThisizKiki noted in the FanShots, the Blazers have launched their Aldridge All-Star campaign by sending out custom-made Beats by Dre headphones to Western Conference coaches and select national media members. Interestingly, Fran Blinebury of suggests that Blazers center Marcus Camby deserves some All-Star consideration too. ------------------------------ At 37 years old in his 16th NBA season, Marcus Camby has never gotten the All-Star recognition he deserves because he simply doesn’t score enough points. For all that LaMarcus Aldridge has done for the Trail Blazers this season, Camby is the old man at his back getting rebounds and blocking shots. ------------------------------ ed: text updated, bumped to front page