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Your Slogan for the New Blazersedge T-Shirt

The good folks at Portland's own Cravedog have designed a t-shirt especially for Blazersedge. We haven't had a shirt in a while and it was cool to have it done by a group of experts! You can see the design right after the jump. EXCEPT...the shirt isn't finished yet. You'll noticed that on the back they've put the slogan "Because Dave and Ben Said So!" While we appreciate the sentiment, I'm not sure that's the perfect line to represent our site and community. That's why we're turning to you.

In the comment section of this post please write your suggestions for a short slogan to go on the back of our new shirts. It can be serious, funny, pithy...whatever you wish. We'll pick out the best one--or if we can't decide we'll put it up to a vote maybe--and give a free shirt to the person who came up with it. Get those creative juices flowing and come up with the next great site description or slogan!

--Dave (