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Jeff Van Gundy: 8-11 Blazers Not Good Enough For National TV Broadcasts

ESPN commentator Jeff Van Gundy said that only plus-.500 should be on national television.


ESPN color analyst Jeff Van Gundy was informed during a Friday night broadcast of a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder that NBA TV planned to televise games between the New Orleans Hornets and Miami Heat and the Sacramento Kings and Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday.

Van Gundy responded by saying that the teams should not be allowed to be on national television because their records were not good enough.

Is it a rule for NBA TV that they have to have the majority of the teams that are on be sub-.500? Let's start giving them better games. Could we? Don't put them on. They should not be on. If you're sub-.500, you're not on national TV.

The Hornets are 5-13, the Heat are 12-5, the Kings are 5-12 and the Blazers are 8-11.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter