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NPR Reporter Seeks Your Comments On Sam Bowie

Help an NPR reporter with his story about the Portland Trail Blazers.

Hey Guys,

Quick favor to ask.

Tom Goldman is a reporter for NPR who just happens to live here in Portland. He's working on a story about the upcoming ESPN documentary about Sam Bowie, which sparked a little brouhaha last week. In the documentary, Bowie indicated that he lied about his health prior to the 1984 NBA Draft. Shortly thereafter, he tried to walk back those comments.

Tom is hoping to hear the reactions of Portland Trail Blazers fans to Bowie's comments and he needs to interview fans over the phone ASAP (preferably Monday afternoon or evening). He's hoping you will email him with a good contact phone number so that he can call you up and hear your thoughts. His email address is:

I think it's pretty cool that Tom thought of Blazersedge first when putting this story together. I'm hoping you guys take a few minutes to shoot him an email and potentially get on national radio, no matter how you felt about Bowie's comments (big deal, non-story, old news, etc.). That would be pretty sweet.

Do me and the site a solid here and help out Tom, won't you?

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter