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TrueHoop Network: Blazers G Damian Lillard Is Unanimous First Quarter ROY

Five out of five TrueHoop Network writers name Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard as the first quarter Rookie of the Year.

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Five TrueHoop Network writers agree that Portland Trail Blazers rookie guard Damian Lillard was the first quarter Rookie of the Year.

Henry Abbott: Damian Lillard, but only because Anthony Davis has played only eight games. Also in the conversation: Andre Drummond and -- look him up! -- Brian Roberts.

Danny Chau: Damian Lillard. The best thing you can say about a point guard is how in control he is on the court. Lillard has been in control from the onset. It's impossible to discuss Lillard's game without throwing out keywords such as poise and maturity. He looks the part of the next great NBA point guard, and he'll get there in time.

James Herbert: Damian Lillard. A relative unknown before his senior season at Weber State, it's easy to forget he's a rookie with how seamlessly he has stepped into his role, playing 38 minutes per game. Lillard is the rare poised rookie guard who impresses more with his decision-making than his talent, though he's certainly not lacking the latter.

Lillard was named Rookie of the Month for October/November.

Ken Berger of also named Lillard his first quarter Rookie of the Year.

Some idiot at did too.

PS Belated thanks to Roy Wonder in the FanShots.

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