The most wonderful time of the year!! (Updated: Contest for Prize inside!!!)

Twas the week before xmas
and all thru the BEdge
The blazers are losing
lets all jump from a ledge
The rebuild is proceeding
along without care
Even though high draft picks...
...panning out is quite rare

The Bedgers were hunched over
Laptops on their thighs,
While reflections of Shabazz
bounced off of their eyes
the missus in her jersey,
and I in my cap,
have stopped going to games
while team plays like crap

From Blazers Edge
there arose such chatter,
I sprang to my Dell to see
what caused all the jabber.
Away from the TV
I flew like a flash,
Picked up the keyboard and
Deleted the cache

The Words on the page
all arranged a new way
showed the new plan
In the words of Olshey

"Hire Terry! Keep Aldridge!
Sign Nico, keep Wes!
Draft Lillard and Meyers
Who cares 'bout the rest
As for the bench
Just go out to the mall
And sign anyone, anyone
anyone at all!!!

And then, in a twinkling,
The playoffs went onto the shelf
and our sterling record
made me want to kick an elf
Win some lose some
no reason nor rhyme
Now we get to get used
to losing all the time

Happy Rebuild to all and to all a zaching long season