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Camerato: Catching Up With Blazers F Sasha Pavlovic

Portland Trail Blazers wing Sasha Pavlovic got some media attention on Friday night when he turned to Boston, where he spent the last two seasons with the Celtics.


Jessica Camerato of caught up with Portland Trail Blazers wing Sasha Pavlovic, who spent the last two seasons with the Boston Celtics. Among the quotes...

Pavlovic reached out to longtime friend Darko Milicic when he heard the big man signed with the Celtics this fall. Though not one to often show his emotions, Milicic expressed his excitement to play in Boston. Pavlovic reaffirmed his sentiment.

"We became friends a couple years before I got in the league," said Pavolvic. "I know he was working out really hard this summer. We talked to each other and he was excited to come here. I read in the interviews he said he was ready to kill if he had to kill somebody (laughs), so he was excited. He didn't really ask me for advice, but I told him that I liked it here and he was going to like it."

Pavlovic will face another one of his former teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers, on Saturday night. He's averaging 1.6 points and 1.2 rebounds in 10.9 minutes per game for the Blazers.

He put up a trillion in three minutes against the Celtics on Friday.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter