Those Jerseys aren’t cheap, Man. Or, why I won’t be buying a jersey with a player’s name on the back of it ever, ever, again.

On many an occasion, I’ve thought to myself after the waiter just left the table, "Dang, I shouldn’t have ordered that." Perhaps, like me, you’ve misnamed a pet on a particular day of deficit in creativity and now…you’re stuck calling your dumb dog "Tootie" or "Scampers". Or, maybe, you’ve thought that certain retro Tasmanian Devil, Mt. Dew, or Van Halen t-shirt, which looked so good on the no-armed, no-headed, no-legged mannequin at Target and thought it was just right for you. That might have been right before you realized, "Shoot, I’m buying retro shirts at Target again."

In that same vein, I think Portland Trail Blazer fans have a legitimate claim to the title of "Fan base with the most jersey buyer’s remorse". The obvious misfires that seemed to have sold like wildfire said names like Fernandez, Oden, Wallace, and sadly, Roy on the back of the jerseys. Those I have listed and many others, to one degree or another, have a reasonable explanation. We fell head over heels in love with our Rookie of the Year. Rudy was an inspiring international phenomenon. Gerald Wallace came in and captivated us with his hustle like he has anywhere he’s played. We wouldn’t we buy? Even our biggest fish (disappointment), Greg Oden, with his grampa(ish) looks and goofy smile, captivated us with all that potential. Those that have a Stoudamire, a Wells, a Randolph, a Miles, a Patterson, or going way back to the old days to a (Tracy) Murray Jersey (We’ll just pretend Jerome Kersey wasn’t implicated in that whole Utah thing) have likely long sense cut their jersey losses and rightfully moved on.

Anyway, you slice it, be it the embarrassing Jail Blazer players of old or the heart-breakers we’ve more recently bought in on hook, line, and sinker…the fact remains. The Blazer fans have forked over their hard earned cash for a plethora of jerseys.

To those of you jersey-buyers out there - Be careful. Put your money back in your wallet. Back away from the rack. Sure, it says, "Lillard" right there in those fancy black letters. But, maybe, just maybe, you ought to realize a few things. He might not work out, but more importantly…you are 37 and that jersey shouldn’t have to stretch around that old sweatshirt. Or worse, that beer belly.

Let Lillard wear it. Let him grow into it. Let him score a bunch of points, dish a ton of assists, and be the PGOF that we’ve needed. This guy is legit, don’t jinx him.