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Personal Announcement: Coming Soon To

Ben Golliver of Blazersedge and Rob Mahoney of The Two Man Game will soon team up to write's Point Forward.

I'm very happy to announce that I will join the NBA team next week, pairing with Rob Mahoney from The Two Man Game and the New York Times' Off The Dribble blog to take the reins of the The Point Forward. As part of the agreement, I will continue here at Blazersedge.

Quickly, I want to thank Brad Weinstein and Ben Eagle at for the opportunity and to Zach Lowe for setting an impossibly high standard. I want to thank Mark Swanson, Craig Stanke, Randy Brickley, Eric Kay, Tony Moss, Ken Berger, Matt Moore, Royce Young, Sergio Gonzalez and Mike Coulter at for two great years. I want to thank Tyler Bleszinski, Seth Pollack and Michael Bean at SB Nation for their continued support. And, of course, major thanks to Dave for everything from Day One and to Tim, Cab and our staff of moderators for all of their assistance.

I'm excited to work with Rob, who has been one of my favorite NBA writers for years. The new site will be up and running before the regular season tips off; more details regarding where you can find our work will be available shortly.

Thanks for reading. Portland Trail Blazers training camp coverage will continue here this afternoon.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter