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A Blazer's Edge Wedding

Two Blazer's Edge aficionados tie the knot with a Blazer's Edge editor officiating. What could be better? How about a basketball-themed homily?

Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to Garrett and Charity. Garrett is a long-time Blazer's Edge reader/lurker. Charity is his new bride, also familiar with Blazer's Edge through the more serious articles we've done on sports and religion, sports and society, and the like. Although these two didn't meet on Blazer's Edge--we're still waiting for that inevitable event--they did ask one of your fine Blazer's Edge editors to officiate at their wedding this weekend. The event was wonderful. The bride was gorgeous. The groom was quite groomly. The proceedings went swimmingly all around.

Seeing as how the bride and groom had a connection to their officiant through basketball and this site, they wondered aloud if we could work a little hoops into their wedding sermon. I actually prepared another homily on the significance of their wedding setting in the larger picture...all the beautiful things we could see as they stood there hand in hand preparing to join themselves as one. I was going to do the basketball thing too, but time pressed and we skipped on to the vows they had prepared. (A good choice. They were magnificent.)

Far be it from me to leave a request unanswered, however! As a special bonus I'm including this advice to Garrett, the groom, as he enters into marriage with his bride, Charity. See how many basketball references you can spot! Some are obvious but others will be more subtle. You might have to speak the words out loud to detect them. How many can you find?


Advice to Garrett in His Marriage to Charity

Garrett, the time to court is finished. Today you make a firm and fast break with everything that came before. Suits have been pressed, bans posted. Soon you'll see Charity toss the bouquet and you'll have done it! You'll be married. I don't need to paint the picture. You know it well.

From time out of mind grooms have sweated moments like these. Some become basket cases, wondering if this is the right thing. You've got to block that out, clear out the doubt and go for it. Nobody's ever sure of the future. You make your pick and roll with it. Give her the key to your heart, cross over that threshold, turn over that new leaf, and never look back.

The Golden State of matrimony is different than anything else you'll experience. Young bucks like you often need nuggets of wisdom before they bite the bullet and commit So just in the nick of time, here are mine:

You've felt that magic, that peculiar heat between you that spurs you to bull ahead and take this leap. As we'd say in our finest Celtic brogue, you "lake her" a lot. Charity will blaze her own trail through life, but whatever clip her strides take, you promise to pace her, not being cavalier with your decisions but promising to stick by her for 36 or 46 or many years as it takes to make forever.

As you power forward together she'll be the center of your life. Guard your marriage well. Stretch forward and grasp her hand, never letting go. Point forward and guide the way, or be there to assist when she does it. Help to point her in the best directions. In general, manage her expectations and your own until they fit together seamlessly. Sometimes you'll have to wing it, pivot on a dime, but it's worth it in the end.

As you travel this life together you'll find plenty to overcome. Screen out anything that gets in the way of your union. Let your thoughts of Charity be first, second, third, and fourth, period...letting everything else fade over time. Be open with each other. Square up as often as necessary. As you turn over yourselves to each other, throw in a lot of forgiveness with your love. Let both grow in bounds and leaps. Charge onward. Lay in store plenty of strength. When all else fails, just rock it and swing, man. You'll floor her.

Some days together will be a slam dunk. Other times out you'll do everything you can to make it exciting but still come back bored. Either way, love will make your net gain positive. If you hold onto each other you'll reach your goal, crossing the end-line together. And then, after all those years, you can look your bride in the eye and tell her truthfully that you still want to jump her.


If you have any basketball-related advice to Garrett that I missed or just congratulations to offer, feel free to chime in! Do remember that these are real people who had a real event this weekend, so comment accordingly.

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