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Prada: Blazers Rank 18th In NBA Watchability Rankings

The Portland Trail Blazers have been ranked No. 18 among the NBA's 30 teams in terms of watchability.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Mike Prada of SB Nation ranks the Portland Trail Blazers No. 18 in his annual ranking of the NBA's most Watchable teams.

Aesthetic Beauty: 6. This is me taking a leap of faith, but I think their offense will be more fun to watch this year. Lillard's already a pro at running pick and roll, and new coach Terry Stotts will (hopefully) find ways to open the floor to take advantage of Nicolas Batum. No matter what happens, it'll be better than seeing Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford share a backcourt.

Intrigue: 3.5. Lillard could be exciting, but he's still a rookie. Bloggers are excited about him, but we make up such a small percentage of the NBA viewing audience.

Hilarity scale: +2 for all the lineups they use that include Victor Claver, Joel Freeland and Luke Babbitt.

TOTAL: 25. The Blazers have the potential to be a fun bad team after being a really boring bad team last year, but it'll require a quick adjustment for Lillard to make it happen.

Last year, the Blazers ranked No. 14. The year before: No. 27.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter