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Hanstock: Blaze The Trail Cat Slammed In NBA Mascot Rankings

Blaze The Trail Cat, mascot for the Portland Trail Blazers, does not place well in a ranking of the NBA's Western Conference mascots.

Bill Hanstock of SB Nation ranks the mascots for the NBA's Western Conference and he doesn't go easy on the Portland Trail Blazers' Blaze the Trail Cat, who ties for the lowest ranking among teams that actually have mascots.

Mascot: Blaze the Trail Cat

Type: Barely-feline weirdo

Strengths: Uh ... he likes cats?

Weaknesses: Okay, "Blaze the Trail Cat." I get it. Blaze the trail. Trail Blazers. There's no such thing as a "trail cat." Unless you're referring to a specific model of snowmobiles, apparently. Discounting his dumb name, dude BARELY even looks like a cat. He looks like a ripoff of Crash Bandicoot where the character is a coyote. I do find the above picture adorable, but yeesh.

Final Score: 1 (out of 10)

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-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter