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A New Sponsored Link for Blazer's Edge: What You'll See and Why

Explanation of a sponsorship agreement for Blazer's Edge

Hey folks, this is an update on a sponsorship agreement we've reached with a partner, TiqIQ. In actuality this is not a new relationship, as we did a little work with them last year and they're also linked in the masthead of all SBN-NBA blogs in the section called "Tickets". (It's not working right now but will be soon.) After some discussion we've reached an agreement that we think will be beneficial for them, our site, and those who are in search of tickets to Blazers games.

In my game preview, Timmay's instant game recap, and my post-game analysis your'e going to see a link through which tickets to the Blazers' next game can be purchased. It'll be with the other links, so the end of each of those posts will look something like this:

  • Link to Game Boxscore
  • Link to Sister SBN Site for opposing team
  • Tickets for Blazers next game available through TiqIQ

If you're considering getting tickets, the service is right there available to you. If not, you just read past it to the sign-off. We are not on commission with TiqIQ. We don't get paid more if you purchase from them or click those links so there's no incentive for us to change our analysis to make the Blazers seem more enticing or to get you to purchase.

Technically we could probably just slide this in without people noticing too much, but we've always been careful about the amount, style, and effect of the sponsorships we accept. I'm letting you know so that you can clearly see how the system works. You should also know that I'm not pocketing the revenue personally. It's being recycled into the blog, making sure your staff knows the work they put in every day is appreciated.

For those who might be worried about slippery slopes and inundation, we only have one other sponsorship on the horizon, that with our friends at You'll see an invitation from them during a mid-November week, a another during a week in late December. At this time, that's it. As always, 99.99% of the content you see will be of the normal, non-sponsored variety. That other 0.01% offers a meaningful service to some of you (TiqIQ is kind of cool) and helps those of us who dedicate our days to providing you quality material feel slightly better about the time it takes to do that.

As always, my inbox is open if you have any questions. Oh, and for those who are going to ask, no...we don't have anything to do with the Assassin's Creed ad you're seeing on the outside border of the site today, nor with other ads that appear in that spot. Those are network-level matters.

--Dave (