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Blazer's Edge Fanpost Contest: Final Voting

These Fanposts made the finals for the Blazer's Edge Fanpost Contest. Which do you think are tops?

A little over a month ago we announced the Blazer's Edge Fanpost Contest, a chance for readers to submit their best stories, analysis, or thoughts about the team for a chance to win some snappy Blazer's Edge swag. We put a hold on the final round voting during the course of the United switch-over and some subsequent updates. We're ready now.

I went back through the Fanpost over the last few weeks. Most of those submitted specifically for the contest were included here. I also chose a couple of "functional" posts that seemed quite good. We're going to let you vote on your favorites in this thread. Simply leave a comment saying which you like and why. Unlike a normal contest, voting for multiple entries is fine if you like more than one. (As opposed to voting for the same entry multiple times, which will not count.)

Here are your candidates. Happy reading!

A. Remembering the Blazer Alumni Squad by musicmansell

B. My Blazer Fan Story by blazerfan97222

C. The Blazers Offseason Via Facebook by Trail Ducker

D. To Neil and Terry: Expectations and Achievement by Steve the Hedge

E. How a Geek Became a Rabid Blazers Fan by twinsbrewer

F. My Earliest Blazers Memories by LicketyBrindleUpTheMiddle

G. Damian Lillard Comparables part of the comparables series by ziggythebeagle

H. Brandon Roy: The Miracle That Happened by whatdidhejustsay?

I. Portland and Missing Andre Miller by CausticRain11

J. 1977 Trailblazers: A Soldier's Story by Dr. Dave

We'll give you until Wednesday evening to peruse these, then announce winners. Enjoy! Thanks go out to all who keep the sidebar hopping with great content.

--Dave (