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Quick: Blazers G Wesley Matthews Calls Out Critics For "Ignorance"

Portland Trail Blazers guard Wesley Matthews calls out his critics for their "ignorance" while All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge praises his teammate.

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Jason Quick of The Oregonian writes that Portland Trail Blazers guard Wesley Matthews is ready to prove his critics wrong for suggesting that his ceiling is limited or that his offensive game isn't well-rounded.

"How can you judge somebody on something they haven't been in? That's ignorant to me," Matthews says. "How can you judge me in the pick and roll when I haven't been in it? How can you judge me in isolation? How many times did you actually see me isolate last year? How many times did you actually see me in a pick and roll?

"I can take criticism; I just don't like ignorance. And for someone to say something about somebody who hasn't been put in that position to be fairly judged, that's ignorance to me. For someone to comment on my potential, that's ignorant. Because how do you know what I can do? My response is try me. Try me."

Blazers All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge has seen big development from guard Wesley Matthews.

"To me, Wes has come back like 10 times better," Aldridge says. "I feel like now he knows how to come off the pick and roll, he knows how to make the pass, make the read. Last year, he couldn't make the plays he is making now. But it's kind of unfair, because he was never put in that position before. Nothing against Nate (McMillan), but our offense wasn't set up for him to create. But so far, he is showing he can. He's making plays, and that's why I'm like, he's better. Wes is definitely better."

Recently, Matthews was put on notice for struggling in transition. He was also named as a player who could be moved at the trade deadline in one article.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter