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Bill Simmons Previews 2012-13 Portland Trail Blazers: 41 Wins, No. 8 Seed In Playoffs

Bill Simmons and Joe House preview the 2012-13 Portland Trail Blazers.

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Bill Simmons of pop culture, entertainment, gossip, home improvement, gardening, landscaping, culture, celebrity news, television, beekeeping and sports website previewed the 2012-13 Portland Trail Blazers on his B.S. Report podcast with Joe House.

The two discuss whether they should bet the over or the under on 34.5 wins for the Blazers.

Here's a transcript. Thanks to dexter112 for the digest version of the discussion earlier this week. The audio is here.


Joe House: "I was prepared with Portland, because the 37 or 38 range is where they opened. I loved this one, give me this one. 34.5 is right on the edge. I'm still going under, I just don't like a two-man team. The two-man team is [LaMarcus] Aldridge and [Nicolas] Batum. There's nothing else to get excited about, be excited for. I could talk myself into 35 or 36 wins, it's not that hard. I'm going to stick with my under. I'm going to stick at 34."

Bill Simmons: "Alright, soccer moms from Portland. My friends. I'm going way over. I have them winning 41 games and being the eighth seed in the Western Conference playoffs. The Portland Trail Blazers. First of all, a little 'nobody believes in us' here. Everybody is writing them off. LaMarcus Aldridge is a top-20 guy. Batum.

"I think they struck oil with this [Damian] Lillard kid. Have you seen him? I have single-handedly changed my opinion changed my opinion of him. You said [Anthony] Davis is the Rookie of the Year, I think it's up for grabs. It's up for grabs. If this kid averages 19 points a game, if he puts them in the playoffs over New Orleans, it becomes a discussion. All I'm saying is don't bet your life on Anthony Davis as Rookie of the Year, if this kid is as good as he looks in the preseason.

"There's some other guys I like on the team. It's the centers that are the issue. Meyers Leonard, a little raw, a little raw for me. Who's the other one? [Joel] Freeland? I don't even know what color he is. Is he white or black? Where is he from, Joel Freeland? Who else is on this team. I liked J.J. Hickson last year. Wes Matthews.

"Unless I can't add or figure out who the eighth playoff team is, let's see, Denver, Lakers, Clippers Memphis, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Utah, I have a spot. That spot goes between Portland, New Orleans, Dallas and Golden State. I really like Portland the most."

Joe House: "I think Dallas is going to win 43 or 44 games."

Bill Simmons: "I know but it's no fun to pick them."

Joe House: "That gets you your soccer mom harmony. You were in disharmony last year."

Bill Simmons: "I like their top three. I think Lillard is going to be good right away."

Joe House: "It's going to be interesting to watch. It's a team in transition that's going to be fun to watch."

Bill Simmons: "Crunch time, they play Aldridge at center. Give me one more rebounder? Hickson. Matthews. Batum. And Lillard. I kind of like that crunch time team. I thought Hickson played well for them last year. I'm OK with that crunch time. I'm in on Portland. 41 wins. We disagree on that one."


-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter