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Duin: I'm Surprised Blazers Fans Still Embrace "Numbing Mediocrity"

A Portland columnist is surprised that fans of the Portland Trail Blazers continue to stick with the team.


Steve Duin of The Oregonian writes that the Portland Trail Blazers are heading for another mediocre season and have no excuses, because the University of Oregon's football team is so good.

That "New Team, New Dream" marketing push notwithstanding, the Blazer roster screams small market, small budget, Charlotte Bobcats west.

I'm only surprised Portland's fan base continues to embrace the numbing mediocrity, given the evidence, 100 miles down the road, that you can assemble and maintain a championship-caliber roster in the Northwest.

Yes, we're talking different sports, but the Ducks hardly face a less formidable challenge. College football is dominated by a smaller group of elite teams - the last six BCS champions hail from the Southeastern Conference - than the NBA, which has seen teams from Cleveland, San Antonio and Oklahoma City reach the finals in that same span.

Unlike the Blazers, however, Duck football committed to playing with, and beating, the best. Unlike Allen, Knight isn't satisfied with less. Just like Nike's founder wasn't satisfied until the $24 billion company controlled, by one estimate, 97 percent of the NBA shoe market.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter