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Discuss Your Answers to Portland Trail Blazers 2012-13 Season Preview Questions

Blazer's Edge readers fill in the blanks on the questions used for SBNation NBA Season Previews.


I recently completed a video preview of the Portland Trail Blazers 2012-13 season for SBNation. It's a league-wide thing so the questions were standardized. (We'll do our own extended preview, written and perhaps video, next week.) I know how I answered, but I'm curious how you would have. So here's your chance.

Here are the questions. Have at it in the comment section. Let us know what you think and why.

1. How many wins will the Blazers get and where will they finish in the Conference Standings?

2. Who will the Blazers' MVP be?

3. Who is this team's X-Factor for the season?

4. What is the biggest doubt/issue facing the team entering the season?

5. Who will win each Conference and who will ultimately end up with the title trophy?

Looking forward to your responses!

--Dave (