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Brettman: Blazers COO Sarah Mensah Says "It's Possible" Rose Garden Sellout Streak Ends

Portland Trail Blazers COO Sarah Mensah says that "it's possible" her team's consecutive sellout streak at the Rose Garden will end.

Jonathan Ferrey

Allan Brettman of The Oregonian reports on the Portland Trail Blazers' latest marketing campaign, "New Team, New Dream."

In the piece, Blazers COO Sarah Mensah admits that "it's possible" the Blazers' 192-game consecutive sellout streak at the Rose Garden will end this season.

The Portland Trail Blazers will roll out their 2012-13 marketing campaign, "New Team, New Dream," Sunday focusing on the team's overhauled personnel including of players, coach and general manager. The digital-rich campaign features long-form video interviews of Blazers players available at the team's website. And the regular season will get underway with a data-heavy mobile application that will give iPhone-wielding Blazers fans updates throughout games.


It's possible, Mensah said, that the team's streak of consecutive sellouts will come to an end. That regular season and playoff games streak now stands at 192 games -- though, admittedly, plenty of games were termed "sellouts" while many empty seats were visible in the arena.

"It's possible that's the case," Mensah said of the streak's end this season. "It remains to be seen."

The Blazers posted "New Team, New Dream" videos on Sunday.

Here's one for rookie guard Damian Lillard.

Here's one for guard Wesley Matthews.

Big thanks to Corvid in the FanShots.

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