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Haynes: Adam Morrison Could Hang It Up If He Gets Cut By Blazers

Chris Haynes of reports that Portland Trail Blazers training camp invite Adam Morrison is considering retirement if he gets cut during camp.

"I'm going to finish school and start coaching (If he didn't make the Trail Blazers roster)...I did the Europe thing and it just wasn't for me," Morrison told "Not saying the (Europe) culture or anything like that, (or) the people, it just wasn't for me. So, yeah, if it doesn't work out, I'm willing to look myself in the mirror and say, 'I gave it a honest shot' and turn the page. Do something else."

Morrison is in camp on a non-guaranteed training camp contract.

The Blazers have 19 players in camp with 15 players on guaranteed contracts. Four players will need to be cut so that the Blazers can get down to the 15-man roster maximum.

On Monday, Blazers coach Terry Stotts gave this assessment of Morrison's chances of sticking with the team.

Adam Morrison, everybody up here in the Northwest knows him. He has a legitimate chance to make the roster. We'll go through camp and see what happens at the end of October. The other three guys are filling out our camp. We brought them here because they are talented young guys. The likelihood of them making the team right now would be difficult. We have a certain number of guaranteed contracts but there's also the possibility, since we have the Idaho Stampede now, there's a possibility that now they are in our camp, we have their rights -- except for Coby Karl, his rights are somewhere else. For Dallas [Lauderdale] and Demonte [Harper] they have a chance to get better for this month and possibly continue their career with Idaho.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter