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Portland Monthly: Please Tell Us All Of Your Most Hated Blazers Opponents

Portland Monthly Magazine wants to know which Portland Trail Blazers opponents you despise the most.

Chung Sung-Jun

Martin Patail at Portland Monthly Magazine has posted a rundown of "The Most Hated Trail Blazers Opponents Of All Time."

Loathing these Los Angeles starlets is practically a national pastime. Reasons are innumerable: smug Kobe, Jack Nicholson's courtside leering, those hideous uniforms-not to mention their habit of gutting the Blazers at the worst times (2000 Western Conference finals, anyone?). The Blazers square off with these ancient foes on October 31 and December 28.

The Blazers' cruelest opponent may be the mysterious dark force that cuts short the careers of our brightest stars with injuries, from Bill Walton and Sam Bowie to Greg Oden (above) and Brandon Roy. After he was traded in March, Marcus Camby claimed the curse was real.

On Twitter, the magazine has specifically requested your feedback in adding to or refining their list. Feel free to let them know down below in the comments, on their website, or at @PoMoMagazine.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter